Danish entrepreneur Jakob Krogh-Jensen said Qianhai is one of the most interesting places in Shenzhen because it is developing fast and has immense opportunities for his business.


“I’ve been interested in Qianhai since I first heard about it a couple of years ago. Recently, I heard that there were some new policies that make it more lucrative for a lot of different industries to move to Qianhai, especially for the kind of business that I do,” he said, adding that Qianhai is an international area with a lot of opportunities for him to do business with people from Hong Kong, Macao and other parts of China.

Krogh-Jensen’s business provides advisory and application services to foreigners who want to protect their intellectual property rights (IPR) obtained abroad in China. He believes the new Qianhai plan is a great opportunity to expand his business and he is positively searching for a suitable office space in the area.

“The first time I discovered that Qianhai was developing was when I biked through the area and there weren’t a lot of people at that point. But now, so many buildings have been built and it looks like a whole new city, which is very impressive. Then, I realized that Qianhai is probably going to be the newest and most interesting place in Shenzhen,” Krogh-Jensen said.

According to Krogh-Jensen, the reason for his interest in moving his office to Qianhai is that the area provides a lot of opportunities for foreigners to thrive and benefit immensely from operating there.